Meet Kathy

A Little Bit About Me!

Even through some very extreme times in my life I always found the inner strength/belief that everything would be ok and I was safe.  We have all found ourselves in challenging situations at times, but don't always have the  'knowing' that we will get through it.  I still have my challenges....don't we all, but through working on our past beliefs, our 'blue print' of who we think we are, we can move forward into a brighter, healthier, happy life, with a power that makes us unstoppable.  That doesn't mean we won't find ourselves in difficult situations, it just means that we will handle them in a more loving way, without anger and frustration, and with new personal tools that can change a past belief of  'here we go again', to 'I can do this'!  Don't let your  PAST 'story' rule your FUTURE 'story'.


Today I am stronger than I have ever been.  I am growing my Complementary Health and Wellbeing practice and have helped so many clients to grow their dreams and realise their own potential.  Life is about experiences, and we can make those experiences as easy or as hard as we want with our thoughts and beliefs. Change really does happen when you change your thoughts!


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