Building for Rank

When you are building for rank, you should also try to get as far down at the same time.

So how does building for rank look?

  • Elite – Start out by trying to be an Elite. That’s 3,000 OV. Technically, it doesn’t matter how you build – but you should always be looking at the next rank so start out by trying to have 2 good legs. Because to get to be a Premier, you only need two Executives.

  • Premier – You are working to get two executives now and you need 5,000 OV. What I recommend is to start building your third leg now. Keep working with your two legs from making Elite but work on a third leg and get it up to 1,000 OV. Then you have your 5,000 Total OV.

  • Silver – To get to Silver you need 3 Elites so start building evenly on all three legs that you’ve already started. So keep building until you get 3,000 OV on three legs. Only build two legs on the three legs. This will help you focus on fewer legs, give you time to find good builders and help get people farther down, where the unilevel bonuses are higher.

  • Gold – You need 3 Premiers and since Premiers are 2 Executives, just keep building under your three main builders and get them from 3,000 OV to 5,000 OV on two legs and start the third leg (just like you did to get yourself to Premier).

  • Platinum – This is where building for rank and Power of 3 meet. This is where a lot of people get their Power of 3 because you now need 3 Silvers, which means you build like you did to get yourself to Silver. You build evenly on your current Premier legs to get them to have 3 Elites each. And you work on getting your Power of 3 $15000 bonus at the same time. Beautiful, huh? Although, I personally think this is the hardest rank to achieve unless you have duplication going in your favor.

  • Diamond – All you need to do for this rank is build one more Silver team. Do this just like you did above.


That’s it. Easy, huh?


Based on my assumptions, you will hit Silver in month 10, Gold in month 14, Platinum in month 26 and Diamond in month 34. You will have made a total of $108,403.70 over 35 months.



Building for Power of 3 Bonus

Since it’s extremely not realistic that every person you sign up will do LRP and because you should always build in a cushion, when going for Power of 3, I built 4 wide and I suggest that you do the same, except on your front line because those are your really strong builders and you shouldn’t have to worry about them doing their Power of 3 every month, especially since they will start getting their $50 monthly bonus within a few months.

  • $50 and $250 Power of 3 – You get to your $250 by the third month. Build all three legs evenly because your secondary goal is to get to Silver.

  • $1500 Power of 3 bonus – In my scenario you hit Power of 3 by month 7 if everyone stays enrolled in LRP, but since that’s not realistic I handicapped it and said you wouldn’t hit your $1500 month 10, which is more realistic. It will take you longer to hit Gold than with the Build by Rank scenario because you are building 3 legs instead of 2. However, you will hit Platinum at the same time. BUT you will have been getting your $1500 for a lot longer and that $1500 a month adds up really quickly.

  • Gold – Since you are keeping rank in mind the whole time you are building for Power of 3, build two strong legs under each builder that you will use to go for rank and then one leg you will build under later to get to Platinum and one leg that you use as “insurance.”

  • Platinum – Build under each of the third legs that you already started when going for Gold.

You will hit your $250 bonus in month 3 and $1500 bonus in month 10, Silver in month 10, Gold in month 16, Platinum in month 27 and Diamond in month 35. You will have made a total of $108,579.80 over those 35 months