Are you suffering from  pain and fatigue?  Are you just stressed and you long to return to your natural state of joy, love and vitality?  My passion is to see us all return to this natural state of being.

Why not join me on a journey of healing through Aromatherapy, gentle Massage and Reiki / Reconnective Healing as I support you in returning to your natural state of self healing and calm.

Using Pure Therapeutic essential oils (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade CPTG), I can show you how they can help you to achieve balance and harmony. 


I also offer business training for those wanting to grow a wonderful essential oils business whilst being part of an inspirational team.

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"I am not a great fan of massage, but I am a huge fan of the energy of essential oils; so when asked to be a guinea pig for a Spinal Energy Massage session, involving massage with doTERRA essential oils, I was in two minds. What a nice surprise! It was fabulous. Gentle, relaxing and yet energising too. One mind, body and soul now nicely realigned. Thoroughly recommend! For more details contact. Thank you Kathy - 'oils feel great!";o)​

— Lynne Allbutt 


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